24 April 2017

Meet one of my favourite designers: Berniolie

If you're familiar with my crochet designs then you know that I make either peacock feather items or other small motifs. I hardly ever make anything larger but at the moment I really feel like crocheting something more substantial and something that is just one piece......no joining, not a million ends to weave in..... just rows and rows of beautiful stitch patterns to concentrate on. And I would really love a shawl. I'm ashamed to admit that I have never actually owned a handmade shawl. So it's time to rectify that.

I didn't have to go on a hunt for the perfect shawl pattern. I immediately knew where I could find lots of beautiful patterns that would suit my taste very well and that is in my fellow Scheepjes blogger Bernadette's Ravelry and Etsy shops! And since I love her work so much, I'm sure you will too, so let me introduce her (work) to you.

Bernadette (or Berniolie) is an extremely versatile designer. She is both a knitter and a crocheter and used to work as a costume designer for a circus. She comes up with the most interesting, original and surprising design ideas for elegant shawls, shrugs, wristies or "yarny" jewelry. She has almost a 100 different patterns for sale so I suggest you go and browse through them for a healthy dose of inspiration and for some oohing and aahing.

I had already decided I wanted to make a rectangular shawl, so that made browsing for the right design a bit easier. Here are some of my favourites. Which one shall I make?

This delicate shawl is called Wisteria and consists of many different stitch patterns. It's large and just perfect to wrap around you on a breezy summer evening.

This one's called Basilia and what I really like about this shawl is the fringe - I'm always attracted to all kinds of trim, fringe and strings - and I love the texture. I could wear this shawl well into autumn I think.

Then there's Jadira, which is also pictured at the top of this post. The colour is perfect and so is the combination of the vintage-style lacework at both ends and the straight-lined middle part.

So......which of the three will be on my hook soon? Which one would you make?

PS: If you scroll down to the bottom of this page (bottom right), you'll see the gorgeous Emerald Shawl Bernadette designed for Scheepjes YARN The After Party. 


  1. Oh, I love the Jadira shawl!!

    1. Yes! Isn't it gorgeous. Do you think it would work in Whirl?

  2. I would love to make the Basilia:)

    1. Yes, it's so lovely! And it would look great in any colour.


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