18 May 2017

New Pattern Release: Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Motif in ENGLISH & DUTCH

crochet pattern peacock feather design art nouveau style by TheCurioCraftsRoom
How a new peacock feather design took shape
I've just listed a new peacock-inspired pattern in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. It's called the Art Nouveau Peacock Feather because for this design I was influenced by the colours and beautiful lines of the Art Nouveau style movement. Normally, when I design crocheted peacock feathers, I tend to look very closely at the real feathers. It's just amazing how each time I discover new shades and shapes in them because not one feather is exactly the same. This time I decided to have a close look at how artists in the late 19th and early 20th century used peacocks in their work.

In the late Victorian era and in early Edwardian times, the peacock was a very popular design inspiration in Western culture. Back then, peacocks symbolized wealth, beauty and decadence and could be found as ornamental motifs in home decoration, jewelry and clothing. The sumptuousness and iridescence of the feathers had a great aesthetic appeal for Art Nouveau artists, who in general took their inspiration from nature.
In my search for Art Nouveau peacock designs, I was surprised to see that the peacock feather was a very popular motif for all kinds of ceramic tiles: from bathroom tiles to ornamental plaques. It was these tiles that I had in mind when I started playing around with colours and shapes for a more stylized feather. 

crochet pattern peacock feather design art nouveau style by TheCurioCraftsRoom
The Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Motif
Of course, my design doesn't look exactly like the designs I studied. That's not what 'being inspired by' means; you don't copy, you develop your own ideas by looking at colours, shapes, possibilities.... The possibilities of practical application. I think you could use the feather I designed for multiple purposes. I can imagine you might want to make them to create garlands or bookmarks or to decorate box lids, cushion covers, notebook covers or laptop / tablet sleeves, or use as coasters. And they make lovely birthday, teacher, holiday or housewarming gifts.

Pattern includes:
1. Clear written instructions and an elaborate photo tutorial with no less than 40 photos to guide you through the pattern for the "Art Nouveau" Peacock Feather motif
2. US and UK crochet terms
3. Details on Scheepjes Catona yarn and the colors I used
4. Available in English and Dutch

Once again, I used Scheepjes Catona yarn because it has such a large variety of shades. The pattern includes all the yarn and colour information you need and also where you can purchase it. At the bottom of this post, you'll also find links to retailers around the world that stock Catona.

The Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Pattern is now available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops in both ENGLISH and DUTCH 

Here are the links:

crochet pattern peacock feather design art nouveau style by TheCurioCraftsRoom

Where to shop for Scheepjes Catona
Scheepjes Catona is available from WoolWarehouse, Deramores, Knotty House and Loveknitting. If you purchase yarn through one of the affiliate links below, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you! 

Scheepjes Catona
UK: WoolWarehouse (international shipping)

16 May 2017

Lovely Tropical Designs for Summer in YARN Book-a-Zine Issue 3

As I'm writing this blog post, I'm sitting at a small table in front of open sliding doors that lead to a small balcony. The view is glorious: sloping grassland surrounded by trees and yellow broom. The temperature is tropical but inside my cottage it's pleasantly cool because the stone walls are really thick. It's a converted barn at least a hundred years old. I'm in France and I'm so enjoying the peace and quiet. And the summer temperatures......which brings me to the the reason I'm writing this post: the latest issue of Scheepjes' YARN book-a-zine: Tropical.

This beautiful crochet, knitting and sewing book-a-zine has a large selection of designs that are perfect for summer. Not only to wear or make for your home, but also to actually work on when temperatures are high. The yarns selected have such a nice feel. Don't we just all love to sit outside and crochet or knit?

The book-a-zine has been divided into four chapters: Plant House, Exotic Fruits, Birds of Paradise and Cocktail Hour. Each features designs to wear or decorate your home with and all in bright, tropical and inspiring colours. There's also a large variety in yarn, for example Linen Soft that gets softer and softer over time; there's my all-time favourite yarn Catona; and there's the fine (in both senses) Maxi Bonbon or Sugar Rush. All yarns perfectly suited for summer.

Feathery Motif

I'm very proud to have been able to contribute something too. I designed a square in bright shades of Linen Soft for the Birds of Paradise chapter. I wanted to make a feathery motif you could use to create a decorative throw or cushion cover. It would be so great to see your makes, so please share if you're working on something that includes my square.
Here are the yarn details:
Scheepjes Linen Soft (47% cotton, 27% linen, 26% acrylic, 50 g/135m) and you need the following shades: 602, 611, 605, 606 and 627.

Linen Soft is available from the following retailers. Click the name and it will take you to the Linen Soft yarn on their website:*
UK WoolWarehouse (international shipping)
USA US Deramores
Australia AU Deramores

Blogger's Favourites
Each YARN issue also features two pages that showcase a Scheepjes Blogger's Favourites and this time I was asked to show you my tips, inspiration and some of my designs. It's a very colourful spread, which also has a picture of my latest peacock feather design: The Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Motif. The pattern will be released this Thursday (18 May), so please check back here in two days' time to see more pictures and to take advantage of an early-bird discount!

peacock feather crochet pattern by the curio crafts room
A Selection of Designs
By now you're probably wondering about some of the other designs in YARN 3. Let me just show you a small selection to give you an idea of the large variety of items.

Isn't this the most magical picture? It's a gorgeous geometric blanket designed by Cypress Textiles.

This stylish knitted bag was designed by Crafts from the Cwtch.

And here's a lovely shawl by Bernadette Berniolie.

Where to get your copy of YARN
I hope you feel inspired to have a closer look at YARN 3 The Tropical Issue, so here's where you can get your copy. The first two issues are also still available. YARN is also published in Dutch and in The Netherlands available from local and online Scheepjes stockists.

YARN 3 Tropical
UK WoolWarehouse (international shipping)
CANADA Knotty House

YARN 2 Midnight Garden
WoolWarehouse (international shipping)
UK Deramores

YARN 1 The Sea
WoolWarehouse (international shipping)

*The affiliate links in this post support giveaways, free patterns, discounts and the running of this blog. By purchasing yarn through these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you! 

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