Meet one of my favourite designers: Berniolie

If you're familiar with my crochet designs then you know that I make either peacock feather items or other small motifs. I hardly ever make anything larger but at the moment I really feel like crocheting something more substantial and something that is just one joining, not a million ends to weave in..... just rows and rows of beautiful stitch patterns to concentrate on. And I would really love a shawl. I'm ashamed to admit that I have never actually owned a handmade shawl. So it's time to rectify that.

I didn't have to go on a hunt for the perfect shawl pattern. I immediately knew where I could find lots of beautiful patterns that would suit my taste very well and that is in my fellow Scheepjes blogger Bernadette's Ravelry and Etsy shops! And since I love her work so much, I'm sure you will too, so let me introduce her (work) to you.

Bernadette (or Berniolie) is an extremely versatile designer. She is both a knitter and a crocheter and used to work as a costume designer for a circus. She comes up with the most interesting, original and surprising design ideas for elegant shawls, shrugs, wristies or "yarny" jewelry. She has almost a 100 different patterns for sale so I suggest you go and browse through them for a healthy dose of inspiration and for some oohing and aahing.

I had already decided I wanted to make a rectangular shawl, so that made browsing for the right design a bit easier. Here are some of my favourites. Which one shall I make?

This delicate shawl is called Wisteria and consists of many different stitch patterns. It's large and just perfect to wrap around you on a breezy summer evening.

This one's called Basilia and what I really like about this shawl is the fringe - I'm always attracted to all kinds of trim, fringe and strings - and I love the texture. I could wear this shawl well into autumn I think.

Then there's Jadira, which is also pictured at the top of this post. The colour is perfect and so is the combination of the vintage-style lacework at both ends and the straight-lined middle part.

So......which of the three will be on my hook soon? Which one would you make?

PS: If you scroll down to the bottom of this page (bottom right), you'll see the gorgeous Emerald Shawl Bernadette designed for Scheepjes YARN The After Party. 

National Crochet Month with Special Discount in my Ravelry Shop

Perhaps you've already read the lastes post on my Facebook page about March being National Crochet Month over at Crochetville. Then you know that they've organized a wonderful Blog Tour featuring designers and lovely giveaways every day. There's so much inspiration there and it's your chance to meet designers you may not have come across yet. Today I'm featured with an interview and of course peacock feather pictures. 
What you do not know is that I've set up a special coupon code for my Ravelry shop to celebrate National Crochet Month that will give you a 20% discount on any pattern. You can buy as many as you'd like and return to my shop as often as you want, you can use the coupon code until 31 March.

Here are all the links and details:

For my Ravelry shop, click here.
Coupon Code: NATCROMO17
Valid through 31 March 2017 end of day (US & Canada Eastern Time).

To visit Crochetville's Blog Tour, click here.

2016: The Year in Designs

the curio crafts room crochet patterns on Etsy and Ravelry

My 2016 Peacock Feather designs. Clockwise: Mayil Peacock Feather, Pavo Peacock Feather, India Peacock Feather and Nemali Peacock Feather.*

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about and planning my crochet design goals for 2017. I've come to the conclusion that I really long to train my design "muscle" more and strengthen it in all kinds of directions. Of course I'd still love to design peacock-inspired items but I want to broaden my horizon and learn new techniques and design motifs that are a bit more versatile than peacock feathers. I'll tell you more about it in a short while. For now I thought it would be nice to look back and take stock of what I worked on in 2016.

For 2016 my goals were to publish a new paid pattern every month, do a few commissions and post some free patterns here on the blog. I didn't really plan this very well and kind of went with the flow, which resulted in a lot of procrastination and a feeling of not having done enough. So just now I made a few collages of all the designs I finished and that really helped in being a little less disappointed with my creative output. I may not have achieved the one-paid-pattern-a-month goal but I really like seeing all the items together and I am pleased with what I've created. There are actually a few more things I designed but I can't show them yet because two are commissions to be published in the first half of 2017 and for seven (!) others I still have to decide on a few small design options and finish writing and photographing the patterns. (I can't believe there are actually a total of nine more designs in addition to the 14 in the collages.....I had to keep changing the number for the ones I haven't finished yet because I had forgotten about quite a few).

the curio crafts room crochet patterns on Etsy and Ravelry

Here's a collage of all the coasters I designed this year. The top left one is the Peacock Feather Petals Coaster; next to it are the Peacock-Style Pineapple Coasters (which is a free pattern); then bottom left are the Firework Coasters, a commission for the gorgeously-styled YARN book-a-zine; and bottom right is the Flower Patch Coaster, which is very textured with some of the petals standing up.*

the curio crafts room crochet patterns on Etsy and Ravelry

This last batch of four is quite a miscelleneous group. The first design I published in 2016 was the Peacock Eye Necklace, a free pattern here on my blog; next to it is the Pop-Up Stool Cover and Peacock Feather, which I have to say is possibly my favourite design of the year; bottom left is another commission, this time for Little Box of Crochet; and the fourth one is the Little Feathers Garland.*

the curio crafts room crochet patterns on Etsy and Ravelry

Then to round off, the two cushion covers I made. The one on the left I made over the summer and is also a free pattern; the one on the right was a commission for Crochet Now Magazine. It's called the Loopy Charm Cushion and can be found in Issue 6 (September). I will be releasing the pattern for it in my shops soon.

It was good to look back on all the work I did and I think it's really a shame that I cannot publish any pictures of my commission work for 2017 and the designs I've nearly finished. That would have given a complete overview of my (unplanned) design direction of the last 12 months.

Have you taken stock of your makes yet? It would be so nice to see your overviews, so if you like, please leave a link in the comments.
Happy New Year to all of you! May it be healthy, creative and peaceful.

* The links all go to my Ravelry shop but I sell the same patterns in my Etsy shop too.

Java Peacock Feather Motif Blanket: Free JAYG Instructions

crochet peacock feather pattern free blanket instructions

The Java Peacock Feather motif was one of the first Peacock Feathers I designed and is one of the largest. It has always been one of my favourites and for that reason I also use it as my designing business' logo.
crochet peacock feather pattern free blanket instructions
I knew that the Java motif would be very suitable as a join-as-you-go motif for a blanket but I never got around to actually adjust the design for that purpose. I was focused more on single motifs for coasters, garlands, appliques and bookmarks. So I was very happy and surprised when Cassie, one of my lovely customers, sent me a picture of a Java motif blanket! Isn't it stunning? And guess what.....the instructions for joining and for the trim are now available for FREE on Ravelry (details below). 

Another thing that surprised me is that using different colour combinations can make the feather look so completely different. My feather and the one in the blanket may look as two dissimilar designs but they are definitely the same! I'm really inspired now to work them in the colours of the blanket too. Details on the yarn used can also be found in the free instructions.
crochet peacock feather pattern free blanket instructions
In order to make this blanket, you'll first need my Java Peacock Feather motif, which is for sale on both Etsy and Ravelry, and then combine that pattern with the one available for free on Ravelry (for all the links see below). You'll need to adjust the final round of the motif to make it suitable for the join-as-you-go method, which is explained in detail in the free instructions. After that you can join as many motifs as you want.

Links to the Java Peacock Feather Pattern and the Free Instructions:

Java Peacock Feather pattern on Etsy
Java Peacock Feather pattern on Ravelry
Free join-as-you-go blanket motif instructions on Ravelry by Cassie1979

crochet peacock feather pattern free blanket instructions

Squishy Popcorn Cushion: Free Crochet Pattern

crochet popcorn cushion cover the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom free pattern

Popcorn Cushion Pattern
Hi everyone. Perhaps you've been looking out for the pattern of this very squishy popcorn cushion cover. The publication is a bit overdue because I'm working on so many different things at the moment and I simply forgot to post it. It's a very beginners-friendly design with a striking result. It's so tactile! I'm going to use it as a yoga cushion; very soft on the you know what ;-)

For the Dutch version of this pattern, click the flag.
Voor de Nederlandse versie van dit patroon, klik je op de vlag.
For the Spanish version of this pattern, click the flag.

Para la versión en espagnol de este patrón, hagan clic en la bandera.

General Information & What You Need
Skill level: easy / beginners
Hook: 4 mm
Tapestry needle
Cushion pad: 40 x 40cm
Yarn: Scheepjes Merino Soft Brush 50% merino wool, 25% microfibre and 25% acrylic / 50gr/105m
3 balls of 254 Israëls (aqua blue)
3 balls of 255 Breitner (mint)
3 balls of 257 Van Der Leck (cream)
Scheepjes Merino Soft Brush is available at WoolWarehouse and Deramores (international shipping).*

crochet popcorn cushion cover the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom free pattern scheepjes merino soft brush

Square:  23 x 23 cm / 9.2 x 9.2 inch
Cushion cover: approx. 45 x 45cm

Crochet Terms used in this pattern: US
Stitches used in this pattern:

US Crochet Terms
UK Crochet Terms
double crochet
treble crochet
double crochet 2 together
treble crochet 2 together
popcorn stitch
popcorn stitch
single crochet
double crochet
slip stitch
slip stitch
triple crochet
double treble

Pattern Notes
  • Each popcorn consists of 5 trc.
  • Each square consists of 8 rounds but you can of course make the square as large or as small as you'd like.
  • Colour scheme: I always like the front and back of the cover to be different so I changed the order of the colours around. Please note that if you want the sides to be exactly the same, you'll need more than 3 balls of the colour you use for rounds 4 and 8.
crochet popcorn cushion cover the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom free pattern

Start with a magic ring
Round 1
Beginning dc2tog (= ch 1 on top of magic ring chain, 1 half-finished dc, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook), ch 1, *dc2tog, ch 2, dc2tog, ch 1, dc2tog, ch 1*; repeat *-* 3 more times
Total of 12 x dc2tog, 4 x ch-2 space for the corners, 8 x ch-1 space.

Round 2
(Popcorn, ch 2, popcorn) in any ch-2 space (= corner), ch 2, skip next dc2tog and ch 1, popcorn in next dc2tog, ch 2, skip next ch 1 and dc2tog, (popcorn, ch 2, popcorn) in next ch-2 space. Repeat all around.
Total of 12 popcorns 12 ch-2 spaces.

Round 3
Start with (3 trc, ch 2, 3 trc) in any corner ch-2 space, 3 dc in each of the next 2 ch-2 spaces, (3 trc, ch 2, 3 trc) in next ch-2 space, 3 dc in each of the next 2 ch-2 spaces. Repeat all around.

Round 4
(Popcorn, ch 2, popcorn) in any corner ch-2 space, ch 2, skip next trc, popcorn in next trc (= middle trc of 3), ch 2, skip next trc and dc, popcorn in next dc (= middle dc of 3), ch 2, skip next 2 dc, popcorn in next dc, ch 2, skip next 2 dc, popcorn in next dc, ch 2, skip next dc and trc, popcorn in next trc, ch 2, (popcorn, ch 2, popcorn) in next corner. Repeat all around.

Round 5
Repeat round 3.
Round 6
Repeat round 4.
Round 7
Repeat round 3.
Round 8
Repeat round 4.
crochet popcorn cushion cover the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom free pattern

Joining the squares
Put the squares with the right sides together and at the back work 3 sc in the ch-2 spaces in between each popcorn. 
To join the 2 sides of the cover, place them with the wrong sides together and again work 3 sc in the ch-2 spaces in between each popcorn.
crochet popcorn cushion cover the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom free pattern

*Thanks to Scheepjes, who supplied the yarn for me to try out. As always, any opinions expressed are my own. The affiliate links in this post support giveaways, free patterns, discounts and the running of this blog. By purchasing yarn through these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you! 
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