Peacock Designs

Pop-Up Peacock Feather Stool Cover

Pop-Up Peacock Feather Garland

Mayil Peacock Feather Garland

Peacock Feather Petals Coaster
Peacock Eye Necklace - FREE PATTERN
India Peacock Feather

India Peacock Feather Garland with Tassels
Peacock-Style Pineapple Coater - FREE PATTERN
French Mini Peacock Feather - FREE PATTERN

Peacock-Style Baubles or Circle Ornaments
"Burma" Peacock Feather Bookmarks
"Estella" Coaster or Motif in Peacock Style

Peacock Eye Feather Motif
Small Peacock Feather Motif
This is my first ever peacock feather motif design made in 2014.


  1. I cannot get the peacock feather pattern to load. Can you send it to me?
    Ravalry and me never work!

    1. Hi Kelly, could you please let me know on which date you bought the pattern so that I can find your order and know exactly which peacock feather it is. Thank you, Christa

  2. Will you please send me the peacock feather pattern? I have tried to download it with no luck. Also, if you could include the colors of yarn you used, that would be great! Please send to I very much appreciate the assistance!

    1. Hi Diana, If you can please let me know which peacock feather (I have many ;-) and in which shop (Ravelry, Etsy) you bought it and when, otherwise I will not be able to find your order. Thank you.

  3. Hello -

    I'm utterly lost. I thought I saved the link, but now I can't find it to purchase it. I'm looking for the pattern for the peacock motif that is used to make the blanket. I prefer ravelry, but Etsy is okay if you'd rather. I just need a link that leads to a pattern I can purchase. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, here's the link to the pattern on Ravelry:
      Thank you :-)


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