16 November 2017

Starting 2 new free designs using my favourite Colour Crafter Velvet colours

Scheepjes colour crafter velvet

This week I'm going to start a new design in my favourite colours. Since I mostly work with sport weight mercerized cotton (Scheepjes Catona), I though it might be nice to work with a completely different yarn this time. I could have made this design in cotton too but I chose Scheepjes Colour Crafter Velvet, which is a DK acrylic yarn, to make it extra soft and cosy. Well, actually, I'll be making two things soft and cosy and I'll share the patterns here soon.

I selected four shades that fit bang into my colour comfort zone. For those of you who have no clue: "peacocky" shades always work for me whatever the design ;-) I won't tell you what designs I have in mind just yet but I can give you two clues: Circles & Squares.

scheepjes colour crafter velvet

I've already been swatching and taking lots of notes so I think I'll be able to show you some Circles & Squares next week.
scheepjes colour crafter velvet

A bit more info on Colour Crafter Velvet
Let me give you a little more info on Colour Crafter Velvet because it's not the most well-known Scheepjes yarn and I think it deserves more attention. It's the younger sister of the regular Colour Crafter yarn you may know from the 2016 Scheepjes CAL Last Dance on the Beach. The Velvet version has one main colour with white streaks in different gradations, giving the impression that in these places the colour has weathered a bit so that it looks like faded velvet. It comes in 20 different shades and needless to say, they combine perfectly with regular Colour Crafter.
In YARN book-a-zine issue 4, you'll find a lovely granny square made with Colour Crafter Velvet.
scheepjes colour crafter velvet
Where to buy Colour Crafter Velvet
Colour Crafter Velvet is available from Wool Warehouse (international shipping) and from LoveKnitting in the US.

Thanks to Scheepjes, who supplied the yarn for me to use. As always, any opinions expressed are my own. The affiliate links in this post supports giveaways, free patterns, discounts and the running of this blog. 
By purchasing yarn through these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you! 

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