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It must have been at least nine months ago when Amanda from Little Box of Crochet asked me if I would like to design something for one of her crochet subscription boxes. I was, and still am, very honoured by her request and couldn't really imagine that a lovely kit would be made based on a design of mine, also because I didn't have the faintest idea what to make. It shouldn't be too large an item but also not too small. A necklace? No, because I had just released a free pattern for one, the Peacock Eye Necklace. A garland? No, because another Little Box designer had already made a gorgeous one. Of course, I wanted it to be peacock-inspired because that's my trademark and I thought the Little Box subscribers would kind of expect something peacocky. 

So I just started to design a very small peacock feather without having any idea yet how or if I was going to use it. The best way for me to come up with something new is to start playing around with colours and simply start crocheting and let it take shape, literally. When I had finished the design for the tiny feather, I received a message from Amanda saying she had had a brainwave and could I please design a pincushion. What a wonderful idea! I immediately pictured a pincushion decorated with feathers in my go-to Catona peacock colours. Scheepjes Catona is the yarn I use for all my peacock feather designs.

Next, I had to decide on the shape of the pincushion: squashed drum; flat bottom and domed top; triangle; ball? I tried out a few shapes and sizes but found that a simple round cushion looked best. Don't you agree?
The pincushion did not use up an awful amount of yarn so Amanda wanted something extra and asked if we could add one more feather to attach to a pair of scissors as a needle keep. I thought it would be even nicer to make a fob that echoed the pincushion. I certainly could use one because I'm always losing my scissors! 

And now it's finally July and here's the lovely box with everything you need to make your own pincushion and fob with. Well, there's actually more than you need; there's also a lovely stitch marker and gorgeously coloured pins. It's a real goody box. Over on IG I've already seen lots of pictures of the box and I would also love to see your makes of course! Tag with #littleboxofcrochet. 

Oh, and I'm making my third pincushion.........