14 December 2017

How My Tribe Got Its Own Yarn

Our Tribe yarn The Curio Crafts Room TheCurioCraftsRoom yarnlove crochet

This post is part of the blog hop we - the Scheepjes bloggers - have organized to show off the yarn we were asked to co-develop with Scheepjes...... or in other words: Whoo-hoo, I've got my own yarn with my name on the band!!!

How fab is that? In case you're wondering, let me tell you how this all came about.
A little over a year ago during our annual Bloggers Days, we were asked to do an assignment that was stamped Top Secret. Each of us had to select 6 colours that were to form our own personal yarn shade for a newly developed yarn. We also got to pick the name for this yarn. That's the brief version; I'd love to tell you a bit more on what this all meant to us and to me.

Our Yarn and TheCurioCraftsRoom Colourway

Picture this: A beautiful restaurant at the edge of a lake somewhere in the northern part of The Netherlands on a cold November day just a few weeks before Christmas 2016. A large box full of paint chip cards is emptied onto a large table and we are asked to create our own personal colour combination - consisting of 6 different shades - for a new variegated yarn especially developed for us as a group. The mood was already festive with the restaurant's abundant Christmas decorations and of course us being very happy to be together - most of us only get to see one another once a year since we live on different continents - but you can imagine that this announcement topped everything. So we got to work with scissors and tape.

Our Tribe yarn The Curio Crafts Room TheCurioCraftsRoom yarnlove crochet

Unsurprisingly, I guess :-), I went for a peacocky palette, this being the chance to have all my favourite colours combined in one ball. I chose two shades of green, three shades of blue and added some purple although strictly speaking purple is not a peacock colour (though you can detect some purple in the peacock eye in the centre of the feather depending on light and angle). Purple has always been my favourite colour so I felt I needed a bit of that in my personal ball of yarn.

Our Tribe yarn The Curio Crafts Room TheCurioCraftsRoom yarnlove crochet

As you can see from the pictures, there's a lot of colour variation in the yarn. The samples I made show the darker range of shades while to close up shows the lighter ones.

After a few hours of selecting colours and arranging and rearranging colour orders, all of us had created beautiful colour combinations: over a dozen personal palettes for a new yarn yet to be named.

Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard
Thus, we were asked to suggest names for this new yarn and almost immediately the word TRIBE came up. We form a very tight-knit group that stay in contact every day. We are all entrepreneurs and that can be very demanding and stressful sometimes so we need one another to stay sane and most of all we need one another to share the joys of creating. So the yarn was baptized OUR TRIBE because we were so lucky to find and cement a creative and uplifting tribe.....and here we are! These head shots were taken last September during another Bloggers' Weekend.
Our Tribe yarn The Curio Crafts Room TheCurioCraftsRoom yarnlove crochet

Yarn details
Let me round off with some (technical) yarn details. Our Tribe is a variegated yarn that is beautifully twined, which creates a dappled effect and thus the idea that there are even more than 6 different colours. The more the colours contrast, the more dappled the effect. It's super soft and works up very smoothly and quickly. It consists of 70% Merino Superwash and 30% Polyamide and comes in 100g (420m) balls suitable for hook/needle size 2.5 to 3mm. It's machine washable at 40 degrees.
You could use the yarn to make shawls, blankets, socks, hats, gloves or wristies, to name but a few options.

Our Tribe yarn The Curio Crafts Room TheCurioCraftsRoom yarnlove crochet
Blog hop to the next shade
Tomorrow Esther from Happy in Red will show you which colour combination is her favourite in blog hop post number 11.
In case you missed yesterday's blog hop post, please visit It's all in a nutshell.

Where to buy Our Tribe
UK: Wool Warehouse (international shipping)
CANADA: Knotty House
THE NETHERLANDS: Various Scheepjes' stockists
Caro's Atelier


  1. I just fell in love with the shades of your yarn and ordered some yesterday. Hope I find a nice pattern to make a triangle shawl out of it! So beautiful that I just can't resist to get me some!

    1. Hi Anja, that's wonderful! I'm so happy you like the yarn. I'm actually working on a few shawl designs but I still need to do a lot of work on them so I won't be releasing them any time soon. I hope you'll find a beautiful pattern!


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