13 June 2022

Cake Arrivals: Gorgeous Fuchsia Shades for My New Crochet Design

the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom Free Crochet Pattern with Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette yarn

Look at these gorgeous yarn cakes I've received from Scheepjes. Aren't the shades just scrumptious? No need to think about what I'm going to design.....when I get cakes like these, I say SHAWL! I've also got some lovely shawl pins, so I'm all set.

What I like to do when I design a new shawl is come up with a repetitive stitch pattern that is relaxing, almost meditative, but also interesting enough to keep you going and longing to see the final result. The yarn helps with that of course. The gradient ombre shades in the large Whirl cake I chose are all very beautiful and I'm always very eager to get to the next colour change :)
I also like to come up with a shawl shape I haven't designed before. If you scroll down, you can see the shawls I've designed so far. There's an asymmetrical triangle shawl with a lovely edging at the top end, a circular shawl, a long rectangle and a very interesting dragon tail shawl with a beautiful detailed edging. So what kind of shape is missing from this list? Any ideas? Well, I have and I will show you very soon :)

I almost forgot: all of my shawl patterns are available for free here on my blog and this one will also be. Just type in the name of the shawl in the search bar to find the pattern you want. If you like, you can also purchase a PDF pattern in my Etsy or Ravelry shops as these always contain a little extra like charts, lots of (close-up) photos and of course a neat layout. And I of course appreciate the support :)
You can expect the pattern for my new shawl in a few weeks' time.

the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom Free Crochet Pattern with Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette yarn
The large Whirl cake is 555 Forbidden Fuchsia and the smaller Whirlette cake is 874 Pomegranate

Whirl and Whirlette yarn

Both yarns are a blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, which makes for lightweight and breathable shawls, or any wearables really. Whirl is a gradient yarn with a very generous twist so that it works up really quickly and it helps prevent splitting. Each colour change (and there are many, which I love because it makes the gradient so subtle) is carefully tied to ensure the knot can be discretely hidden within your stitches. So don’t worry if you come across quite a few ”knots”, or rather “fluffy bits”, because that means one colour thread is replaced by another colour thread that needs to be worked into the yarn. The Whirlette yarn comes in single colours, matching the Whirl shades. Below you can see all yarns available.
The shade cards shows all the 54 Whirl yarn cakes and 44 Whirlettes available.
the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom crochet pattern shawl wrap

free crochet shawl pattern the curio craftsroom scheepjes whirl whirlette yarn

Where to shop for Scheepjes Whirl, Whirlette and other yarns

Scheepjes yarns are available from WoolWarehouse (international) and Caro’s Atelier (The Netherlands). If you purchase yarn through the affiliate links below, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!*
Click on the link and it will take you to the shops where you can search for the yarn you’d like:

UK Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/17owu
NL Caro’s Atelier:

Or shop at other Scheepjes stockists.

My Other Shawl Designs: Available on Ravelry and Etsy

Shawl wrap scarf crochet pattern the curio crafts room ravelry etsy Verdancy Shawl
Verdancy Shawl: Rectangular Shawl in Whirl and Whirlette

free crochet pattern shawl wrap the curio crafts room thecuriocraftsroom star beam shawl
Star Beam Shawl: Dragon tail shawl in Our Tribe

star beam dragon tail shawl pattern the curio crafts room
Star Beam Shawl: Dragon tail shawl in Whirl-Fine Art
and Merino Soft

Moonwish Wrap Crochet Pattern The Curio Crafts Room Etsy Ravelry
Moonwish Wrap: Circular shawl in 

Lunation Shawl Crochet Pattern The Curio Crafts Room Etsy Ravelry
Lunation Shawl: Asymmetrical triangle shawl in
 Whirl and Whirlette

*Affiliate links.
The affiliate links in this post support giveaways, free patterns, discounts and the running of this blog. By purchasing yarn through these affiliate links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!
Thank you to Scheepjes for providing the yarn for this project.

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